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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Managing Digital Platforms with Robust Multi-Sided Recommender Systems

Malgonde, Onkar S, Zhang, He, Padmanabhan, Balaji, and Limayem, Moez

To Be or Not to Be …Human? Theorizing the Role of Human-Like Competencies in Conversational Artificial Intelligence Agents

Chandra, Shalini, Shirish, Anuragini, and Srivastava, Shirish C

Businessperson or Technologist: Stock Market Reaction to the Alignment between CIO Background and Firm Strategy

Banker, Rajiv D, (Qian) Feng, Cecilia, and Pavlou, Paul A

How Appreciation and Attention Affect Contributions to Electronic Networks of Practice

Tan, Xue (Jane), Jin, Fujie, and Dennis, Alan R

Motivating the Motivationally Diverse Crowd: Social Value Orientation and Reward Structure in Crowd Idea Generation

Yan, Bei and Hollingshead, Andrea B

How Do Shared IT Applications Influence Agility? Theory and Evidence of a Convex Relationship

Queiroz, Magno, Tallon, Paul P, and Coltman, Tim

Improving Imbalanced Machine Learning with Neighborhood-Informed Synthetic Sample Placement

Nasir, Murtaza, Dag, Ali, Simsek, Serhat, Ivanov, Anton, and Oztekin, Asil

Servitization for the Environment? The Impact of Data-Centric Product-Service Models

Zhang, Xin, Guo, Xiaolong, Yue, Wei Thoo, and Yu, Yugang

Approaching IT Security & Avoiding Threats in the Smart Home Context

Nehme, Alaa and George, Joey F

We Are All in This Together, or Are We? Job Strain and Coping in the Context of an E-Healthcare System Implementation

Sykes, Tracy Ann and Aljafari, Ruba

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