Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 6 Number 3 1989 pp. 99-117

Motivating Strategic Alliance for Composite Information Systems: The Case of a Major Regional Hospital

Osborn, Charles S, Madnick, Stuart E, and Wang, Y Richard

ABSTRACT: This paper explores the nature of strategic goals underlying composite information systems (CIS) and ways to increase their likelihood of success. It studies a major regional hospital and its relationship with its physicians as part of a case study for providing physicians and staff convenient interface to disparate hospital departments. This situation is a particularly appropriate as example, involving loosely coupled and interdependent relationships (e.g., the physicians can affiliate with any hospital they want). Three approaches to motivating strategic alliances are identified: bidirectional benefits, cooperative payoffs, and asymmetrical control. Examples illustrate how these approaches were used in the design and implementation of the hospital's CIS.

Key words and phrases: strategic alliances, composite information systems, interorganizational information systems, information systems for competitive advantage