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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Gaining Customer Loyalty with Tracking Information Quality in B2B Logistics

Rai, Arun, Tang, Xinlin, Yin, Zhitao, and Du, Steven

Algorithmic versus Human Advice: Does Presenting Prediction Performance Matter for Algorithm Appreciation?

You, Sangseok, Yang, Cathy Liu, and Li, Xitong

Leveraging Platform Boundary Resources: The Role of Distributed Sensemaking

Soh, Franck and Grover, Varun

Multi-Party Certification on Blockchain and Its Impact in the Market for Lemons

Bauer, Ingrid, Parra-Moyano, José, Schmedders, Karl, and Schwabe, Gerhard

Examining the Impact of Algorithmic Control on Uber Drivers’ Technostress

Cram, W Alec, Wiener, Martin, Tarafdar, Monideepa, and Benlian, Alexander

Does Techno-invasion Lead to Employees’ Deviant Behaviors?

Chen, Yang, Wang, Xin, Benitez, Jose, Luo, Xin (Robert), and Li, Dechao

Why Do Data Analysts Take IT-Mediated Shortcuts? An Ego-Depletion Perspective

Ghasemaghaei, Maryam and Turel, Ofir

Greening the Cloud: A Load Balancing Mechanism to Optimize Cloud Computing Networks

Kumar, Chetan, Marston, Sean, Sen, Ravi, and Narisetty, Amar

Assessing and Enhancing Adversarial Robustness of Predictive Analytics: An Empirically Tested Design Framework

Li, Weifeng and Chai, Yidong

Post-Story: Influence of Introducing Story Feature on Social Media Posts

Alibakhshi, Reza and Srivastava, Shirish C

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