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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Section: Human-Computer Interaction Research in Management Information Systems

Ping, Zhang, Fui-Hoon Nah, Fiona, and Benbasat, Izak

Involvement and Decision-Making Performance with a Decision Aid: The Influence of Social Multimedia, Gender, and Playfulness

Hess, Traci J, Fuller, Mark A, and Mathew, John

How Presentation Flaws Affect Perceived Site Quality, Trust, and Intention to Purchase from an Online Store

Everard, Andrea and Galletta, Dennis F

Investigating Coherence and Multimedia Effects of a Technology-Mediated Collaborative Environment

Gemino, Andrew, Parker, Drew, and Kutzschan, Adrienne Olnick

Moderating Effects of Task Type on Wireless Technology Acceptance

Xiaowen, Fang, Chan, Susy, Brzezinski, Jacek, and Shuang, X U

The Role of Knowledge Repositories in Technical Support Environments: Speed Versus Learning in User Performance

Gray, Peter H and Durcikova, Alexandra

An Empirical Examination of the Influence of Organizational Culture on Knowledge Management Practices

Alavi, Maryam, Kayworth, Timothy R, and Leidner, Dorothy E

Dynamic Knowledge Patterns to Inform Design: A Field Study of Knowledge Stocks and Flows in an Extreme Organization

Nissen, Mark E

Coauthorship Dynamics and Knowledge Capital: The Patterns of Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration in Information Systems Research

Wonseok, O H, Jin Nam, Choi, and Kimin, K I M

An Assessment of Electronic Information Transfer in B2B Supply-Channel Relationships

Kyu Kim, K, Umanath, Narayan S, and Bum Hun, K I M

Information Technology Investment Strategies Under Declining Technology Cost

Demirhan, Didem, Jacob, Varghese S, and Raghunathan, Srinivasan

Negotiation Support Systems in Budget Negotiations: An Experimental Analysis

Wolfe, Christopher J and Murthy, Uday S

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