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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Issue: Strategic Value of Big Data and Business Analytics

Chiang, Roger HL, Grover, Varun, Liang, Ting-Peng, and Zhang, Dongsong

Creating Strategic Business Value from Big Data Analytics: A Research Framework

Grover, Varun, Chiang, Roger HL, Liang, Ting-Peng, and Zhang, Dongsong

How Big Data Analytics Enables Service Innovation: Materiality, Affordance, and the Individualization of Service

Lehrer, Christiane, Wieneke, Alexander, vom Brocke, Jan, Jung, Reinhard, and Seidel, Stefan

Leveraging Financial Social Media Data for Corporate Fraud Detection

Dong, Wei, Liao, Shaoyi, and Zhang, Zhongju

The Effect of Big Data and Analytics on Firm Performance: An Econometric Analysis Considering Industry Characteristics

Müller, Oliver, Fay, Maria, and vom Brocke, Jan

Measuring Customer Agility from Online Reviews Using Big Data Text Analytics

Zhou, Shihao, Qiao, Zhilei, Du, Qianzhou, Wang, G Alan, Fan, Weiguo, and Yan, Xiangbin

Advanced Customer Analytics: Strategic Value Through Integration of Relationship-Oriented Big Data

Kitchens, Brent, Dobolyi, David, Li, Jingjing, and Abbasi, Ahmed

Content Sampling, Household Informedness, and the Consumption of Digital Information Goods

Hoang, Ai-Phuong and Kauffman, Robert J

The Rise of the Promoters: User Classes and Contribution Patterns in Enterprise Social Media

Bulgurcu, Burcu, Van Osch, Wietske, and Kane, Gerald C (Jerry)

Strategic Visibility in Enterprise Social Media: Implications for Network Formation and Boundary Spanning

Van Osch, Wietske and Steinfield, Charles W

The Role of Corporate Reputation and Crisis Response Strategies in Data Breach Management

Gwebu, Kholekile L, Wang, Jing, and Wang, Li


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