Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 2 Number 1 1985 pp. 18-32

Conceptual Perspectives on Key Factors in DSS Development: A Systems Approach

Ahn, Taesik and Grudnitski, Gary

ABSTRACT: It is a mistake to categorize decision support systems (DSS) as just another recent variant of traditional computer-based information systems. While traditional computer-based information systems are oriented toward performing structured processing tasks and producing regular reports, DSS have the purpose of supporting nonroutine activities and evolving in response to user learning. Thus a different subset of factors should be considered when developing a decision support system. This paper proposes and defines a conceptual model of DSS development whose origins are based on an open systems approach and whose components capture technical, behavioral, and organizational aspects of the development process.

Key words and phrases: decision support systems, systems development, system approach, user-system interface, learning-oriented systems, redistribution of power, feedback