Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 13 Number 4 1997 pp. 91-117

Key Issues in Information Systems Management: An International Perspective

Watson, Richard T, Kelly, Gigi G, Galliers, Robert D, and Brancheau, James C

ABSTRACT: This study compares and contrasts the findings of recent information systems (IS) management studies in ten nations or regions as well as one U.S. multinational study. It examines the key concerns of IS executives in these areas, focusing on identifying and explaining regional similarities and differences. Internationally, there are substantial differences in key issues. Possible reasons for these differences cultural, economic development, political/legal environment, and technological status are discussed. The analysis suggests that national culture and economic development can explain differences in key issues. The paper concludes with a revised framework for key issues studies that will more readily support comparison across time and nations.

Key words and phrases: information systems management, international computing, key issues in information systems