Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 12 Number 2 1995 pp. 83-98

The Keys to Executive Information System Success

Rainer Jr, R Kelly and Watson, Hugh J

ABSTRACT: Executive information systems (EIS) are high-risk/high-return systems, largely because the clientele these systems serve are not only influential in the firm, but have information needs that are very difficult to provide through computer-based information systems. As a result, it is important to understand the keys to successful EN development and ongoing operation. This two-phase study first interviewed executives, EIS professionals, and vendors and consultants to elicit keys to success. The findings of the first phase rank-ordered the keys to successful EIS development and the keys to successful ongoing EIS operation. The first phase also indicated differences among the constituencies regarding the relative importance of the keys. The second phase of the research surveyed a large sample of EIS professionals to further examine the keys obtained from the interviews. These findings showed underlying dimensions of the two sets of keys, which in turn were used to produce a model of successful EIS development and operation. These factors also provided evidence to support and integrate the existing literature on information systems success.

Key words and phrases: executive information systems, executive support systems, information systems success