Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 8 Number 3 1991 pp. 3-5

Special Issue: Decision Support Systems for Teams, Groups, and Organizations

Nunamaker Jr, Jay F

An introduction to several articles about decision support systems published in the December 1991 issue of the "Journal of Management Information Systems" is presented. Articles discussed include "Using Computing in Quality Team Meetings: Initial Observations from the IRS-Minnesota Project," By G. DeSanctis, M.S. Poole, H. Lewis, and G. Desharnais, "Exploring the Impact of Face-to-Face Collaborative Technology on Group Writing," by M. Horton, P.S. Rogers, L. Austin, and M. McCormick, and "The Architecture of an Information System for the Support of Alternative Generation,: by K. MacCrimmon and C. Wagner.