Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 9 Number 3 1992 pp. 27-44

A Theoretical Perspective of Negotiation Support Systems

Lai-Huat, Lim and Benbasat, Izak

ABSTRACT: This paper provides an overview of the existing negotiation literature under the headings of game theory, economic models, political models, and social-psychological models. Inferring from the review the need for computer support for negotiation, the paper then proposes a theory for understanding the effects due to a support system in a two-party, monolithic, and multiple-issue setting. The theory conceptualizes a negotiation support system as consisting of individual decision support systems interconnected with an electronic communication channel; accordingly, it postulates two sets of effects, one owing to the decision aid, and the other to the communication support.

Key words and phrases: electronic meeting systems, group decision support systems, negotiation support systems