Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 12 Number 1 1995 pp. 57-80

Managing Information about Processes

Davenport, Thomas H and Beers, Michael C

ABSTRACT: This study addresses the issue of how leading firms manage information about their business processes. The researchers interviewed twenty firms, many of which were Baldrige quality award winners, and conducted a detailed case study of one firm particularly advanced in process management. The paper suggests that a key aspect of success in process improvement is effective management of information about process performance, even independent of information technology. The concept of double-loop learning is applied to process information. A process model of how to manage process information is advanced, with many examples from interviews of leading practices. Challenges in moving toward increased use of process information are also described.

Key words and phrases: business change, business process reengineering, double-loop learning, leading process practices, managing process information, process information, process management information, process measures